Hot and Cold Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

Hot and Cold Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

Hot and Cold Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

At Present we have seen the weather is very unpredictable. Most time in Bangladesh we are facing bad weather and nature most of the time hot or discomfort. So this time we mostly feel about cold or hot water which can be a great solution for freshness for consumption. Moriom Water sells budget segment Hot and Cold water Filter price in Bangladesh and also serve especially great types of compressor system hot and cold and warm filter for our respectable customer.

KIWI TEA BAR with 5stages, 3in1 RO water purifier-12LB1

The First one is KIWI TEA BAR-12LB1 with 5stages, KIWI is a Taiwan-based RO system in BD. We recommend this purifier for its beauty, attractiveness, extremely best class, luxury, effectiveness, superb, classic, and awesome quality, and Hot and Cold Water Filter price in Bangladesh. It’s a top-notch level Reverse Osmosis System in the BD market. The KIWI TEA BAR 12LB1 is the unbeatable purifier ever in BD. This premium water purifier gives you 3in 1 service and makes the water mostly better for you in daily life. Check out The Most beautiful and awesome KIWI TEA BAR 12B1 price see here


KIWI TEA BAR with 5stages, 3in1 RO water purifier-12LB1 features:

  • Hot, Cold, and normal water Purifiers can be considered for multi-purpose facilities.
  • Very attractive & highly premium based water purifier and origin is Taiwan
  • The power of kiwi is 1380(W) and the Voltage is AC 220V, 50 Hz
  • The Heating power is 1380W Cooling power is 90W and RO Power is 36W
  • The RO Capacity is 75 GPD and provides near 285 Litter per day
  • Drinking water storage is 3G or 11.4 Litter (Inside)
  • The heating storage tank is unlimited (kettle system)
  • The Cold storage tank is 3.5 Litter
  • Heating capacity is 5L/h, 85-95C and Cooling capacity 2L/H, 5-10C

Without any doubt, we can say that TEA BAR 5stages,3in1 RO Water Purifier in Bangladesh, is an all-rounder device and provides superior service in its position.

Karofi HC-100 LED Indicator Hot & Cold RO Water Filter.

Karofi HC-100 LED Indicator Hot & Cold RO is a 6 Stage water filtration system. The purifier is a mid-range segment device and serves quality water in everyday,s life for you. Karofi was getting an award in 2020 for its innovative design and creative looks. Their design is much more beautiful and maintains top-level quality for getting the best service. Karofi LED Indicator has a powerful Korean compressor so the service is premium for you. It gives you instant hot and cold water for your daily needs.

Karofi HC-100 LED water Filter

Karofi HC-100 LED Indicator Hot & Cold RO Water Filter features:

  • The purifier is made in Vietnam
  • Headon(Taiwan)Pump and use a child safety lock
  • 6 Stage purifier system
  • Ariston heater which is made by Italy
  • 100 GPD RO System
  • 3.2 Liter Cold water tank
  • Manufactured by Vietnam and Korea(Joint Venture)

We can say that this purifier is a solid device from our perspective. So anyone can use or order without any hesitation. To Shop the Karofi HC-100 LED Indicator Hot and Cold Water filter Visit here

Lan Shan LSRO 171 Digital Hot Cold Warm Water Purifier

In Hot and Cold Water Filter Price in BD Lan Shan LSRO-171 is the very best quality purifier, and service in its position. Lan Shan LSRO-171 Provides Hot, Cold, and Warm water and it can be a suitable product for commercial or official use. The LED display helps you to measure water temperature and make use of coffee or Tea. The Hot Cold purifier is very efficient for a noiseless and low power consumption compressor which can save electricity.


Lan Shan LSRO 171 Digital Hot Cold Warm Water Purifier features:

  • LSRO-171 is a string build Taiwan-based Water system.
  • The 5 Stage water system’s hot water capacity is 5 liter and Coldwater Capacity is 3 Liter and the warm is 10 Liter.
  • The purifier dimension is 53X43X135 CM.

LSRO-171 Digital Hot Cold Warm Water Purifier is a high-grade RO System and can be the best one for commercial or official use or even you can use it in your home for its quality service.


Kiwi is a Taiwan Brand and they manufacture very high-quality water products. KIWI KW-310HCN- 3IN1 RO WATER PURIFIER gives you three types of water for drinks. You can use it as a Tabletop or Wall-mounted system.

The Purifier helps you to get instantly fresh, healthy, and tasteful drinking water straight from your kitchen tap or from the Bashin connection. The drinking water helps you for cooking and making delicious coffee, tea & ice, juice, etc. You can get rid of all types of water hassle for its instant premium services and save money on costly water.

KIWI 310-Hot,Cold Normal Bangladesh

KIWI-310HCN-3IN1 Water purifier features:

  • Taiwan made RO System.
  • The Purification process is PP+GAC+CTO+RO+T-33
  • You can use it as a tabletop or wall-mounted system.
  • Drinking water storage: 4.5 Litter (Total Inside)
  • Heating storage tank: 1.0 Litter
  • Cold storage tank: 1.5 Litter
  • Heating capacity: 5L/h, 85-95C Compressor Cooling capacity: 2L/H, 5-10C
  • Dimension: 17x11x22 Inch

Overall we can say KIWI-310 HCN 3IN1 is a top-notch quality Hot Cold product in Bangladesh and can recommend it for 3 types of services. Check KIWI 310HCN- 3IN1 Hot and Coldwater filter price in bd here

Heron GRO-2300 Hot Cold Normal RO Water Filter

Heron Water Purifier in Bangladesh provides long-term service to their product. Heron also recommends as a Standard product to use at home or offices. Heron GRO-2300 provide also normal water besides Hot and Cold which is an extra advantage for this system.

Heron GRO-2300 Water Filter

Heron GRO-2300 Hot Cold Normal RO Water Filter Features:

  • Heron Purifier is coming from China.
  • The 5 Stage Filter also used the Reverse Osmosis technology System.
  • The 75GPD membrane is based on USA technology.
  • Hot Water is 500 W and Cold is 85 W.
  • Heron GRO-2300 Hot Cold Reserve capacity is 6.1 Liter and dimension is 30X39.5X111 CM.

It can be a good choice for your family or home use. To know more information about Heron GRO-2300 visit here

Hot water can a better solution for instant coffee or tea and so many purposes. Hot and Cold water can be used in many ways for everyday life. We are talking about here Top 5 Hot and Cold water Filter price in Bangladesh & also providing quality service in the Bangladesh water filter sector. Our Focus is not only on the product we want to provide you most quality products to get the best services.

mostly we are mentioned here for especially Powerful Hot and cold water purifiers in Bangladesh. All reviews have been based on quality and from our real experiences. The compressor takes a major role in long-time services and also mentions all about quality compressor types of hot-cold Reverse Osmosis systems in BD. We can easily recommend anyone from this series and make life better for the next level.

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