Top 10 Water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh and Buying Guide

Top 10 Water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh and buying guide

Best Water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh 2023

In Bangladesh Water Purifier market is a demandable home improvement product for major areas like Chattogram, Dhaka, Sylhet, etc. Here we discuss the Top 10 Water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh and Buying Guide and we also mention suppliers like Moriom Water Solution, Green Dot Limited, osmocorporation, Water Shop BD, Walton, kiwiwaterpurifier, etc are helping and trying to meet demands to get Purify water by water Purifier in Bangladesh.

Description Overview of Water Purifier:

In today’s world, you might not need an RO water filter. A simple gravity-based filter will do the job if your area’s water has a TDS level below 250 ppm. Plus, they’re budget-friendly. When you’re in the market for a water purifier, it’s essential to focus on key features such as the mineral filter, UV, UF, and manual TDS.

Whether you reside in a city or a village, there’s a universal need for water purification these days. While some states are taking steps to supply clean water directly to people’s homes, there are still areas without access to safe drinking water. In such places, investing in a water purifier is essential.

However, when buying a new water purifier, many people tend to rush their decision and pick whatever is readily available. It’s crucial to avoid this hasty approach and instead make a thoughtful purchase by carefully evaluating and understanding your specific needs.

How to choose the right water purifier brand in Bangladesh?

In the world of water purification, we have traditional gravity filters and top-tier RO systems leading the charge in innovation. So, remember, when picking a water purifier, go for what suits your needs best.

Be aware that choosing an RO water purifier in Bangladesh can effectively remove minerals and salts from the water. Also, remember to consider your daily water consumption when selecting the purifier’s size.

Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh:

A basic Normal Water Purifier can generally be at 2000-3500 TK and Quality Water Purifier are available at TK 15000-20000 in Bangladesh. Here, we discuss the Top 10 water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh and you know also the most trendy quality water purifiers in Bangladesh.

1. Lan Shan: Lan Shan is a popular Water Purifier Brand in Bangladesh and they have many models and sustainable RO water and present water purifier BD. They were Established in 1993 and are a Professional Manufacturer in Taiwan. Residential commercial and Industrial water purifier systems are available from Lan Shan and Provide Quality Reverse osmosis water Purifier.

Note: Lan Shan lsro-171 is a very smart and Powerful water Purifier from Lan Shan Brands.

2. Deng Yuan: The most and top Powerful Brand in Bangladesh history. They have strong and Premium quality water purifiers in the BD market. Deng Yuan water purifier can provide purify safe water and can provide maximum service from a Water Filter

Note: Deng Yuan 281c-Blue is a top-class model from Deng Yuan Brands in Bangladesh.

3. Karofi: Karofi is a very popular water Purifier Brand now in Bangladesh running present time. They have many good model purifiers in BD and Impressive Water Purification system.

The fact is, People love Karofi Water Purifier for its Royal Blue design and Strong Build-up products as the best ro water purifier in Bangladesh.

Karofi, Established in Vietnam, quickly became a leading brand in water treatment technology. They have 17 years of experience and a dedicated research and development team to improve water products and air purifier products.

Note: Karofi 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier is one of the best-selling Water purifiers from Karofi Brands IN Bangladesh.

4. Wellsyswater: Bangladesh is now a huge water purifier market with various Brands and American water Purifier companies Wellsyswater is a new Brand family in Bangladesh and they serve as well as others doing in BD.

5. Aqua Pro Water Purifier: Aqua Pro, based in China, is a leading water system design company that specializes in providing top-quality water softener procedures, filters, and related products to its valued customers. They have earned a strong reputation by delivering exceptional products and outstanding customer support. Their business has expanded to numerous countries worldwide.

Aqua Pro’s water purifiers commonly employ cutting-edge reverse osmosis (RO) technology, known for its remarkable ability to eliminate a wide range of contaminants from water. Reverse osmosis is recognized as the most advanced method for water purification. These purifiers do require electricity for operation and are versatile, catering to both residential and commercial needs.

6. Kent: Kent is an Indian brand that offers various water Purifier in Bangladesh, Kent water Purifier offers RO, UV, UF, and TDS controller technologies in their purifiers.

Kent provided service from 2017 and they have various models such as Kent Crystal Alkaline, Kent Crystal Star, Kent Excell, etc.

Note: To check more about Kent water purifier visit

7. KIWI Purifier: The KIWI purifier is the most luxurious and quality water Purification system from Taiwan. Their models are more lucrative than others and Kiwi provides premium models like KIWI 200HOT & NORMAL-PORTABLE & DIGITAL RO WATER PURIFIER

8. Walton: A prominent local Brand in Bangladesh, Walton not only excels in electronics but also in water purifiers. Their products are tailored for the local market, addressing the specific water issues prevalent in the region.

9. Panasonic: This Japanese brand has a range of water purifiers available in BD, offering trusted technology and reliable purification methods. Their technology focuses on eliminating harmful substances while retaining essential minerals.

Note: The Panasonic SDM-WD330TG water purifier can be a good one for your home and everyday use.

10. LG: Known primarily for electronics, LG also offers a range of water purifiers that combine multiple purification technologies and have smart and beautiful purifiers in Bangladesh.

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