Fluxtek-Solid Water Filter Brand in Bangladesh

Fluxtek-Solid Water Filter in Bangladesh

Fluxtek-Solid Water Filter Brand in Bangladesh

Fluxtek is a very well-known brand in Bangladesh and yhe origin is Taiwan. They are doing high-standard work in the RO industry. Fluxtek provides quality product and best service in water filter Bangladesh. Fluxtek model 115/116 model is the best one selling product in Bangladesh. Their Fluxtek-CKF4 is also a standard choice for home or office use or for your preference.

All models are compatible to use for hotels, restaurants, homes, offices, schools for getting the best drinking water. The 116 model has an Alkaline cartridge which is very useful for diabetes patient or those who has a sensitive water disease problem.

In Bangladesh, Fluxtek 400GPD commercial water purifier is a high-grade RO device for filling up pure safe water. We hope Fluxtek continues their good service.

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